Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shopkick reward gift certificate

The second, or third, "reward" from Shopkick was a gift certificate for - a $25 one. SWEET! Or so I thought.
Found a neat little pub/restaurant on their site which was local and a place we haven't yet been.
Printed out per the directions. HA!
We arrived, ordered and told the waitress about the certificate. "No, we don't take them any longer".
Well, #$^@$%&^%...come on now.
OK, the meal was good.  At least it got us in the place.
I will go again regardless....but they should NOT be advertised on
Got home and emailed my concern.  I also called customer service.  To their credit, the people were great.  They reissued my $25 credit and I went on to their website to choose another restaurant.
This time I printed it out for a healthy grill type place near my girlfriend. WE had to spend $35 to utilize the $25 gift certificate.  So, for $10 and change we got a fantastic value. She tried Ostrich (brave) and I had a great healthy chipotle chicken dish.  Again, it got us in the door and I will be going back again.

Lesson? CALL the restaurant beforehand despite them being listed on as a participating restaurant.

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