Thursday, March 31, 2011

753 Shopkick kickbucks

Closing in on another reward from Shopkick.

With the number of kickbucks I have the Best Buy or Target gift cards would only be $5.
I think I will choose another certificate.  The first certificate we redeemed "cost" only 400 kickbucks.  It was a promotion.  We also hit a bit of a snare trying to utilize that certificate.  See my post
Now, the certificate is being offered for 875 kickbucks. Easy enough to gain with daily
collection of kickbucks for clicking on the stores in my list. *hint: Check the list frequently throughout the day because the list may change according to your location.  I have been able to click through my offers in the morning before work, while at work - break of and on the way home.  My "levels" have also increased to Level 9.
I haven't noticed a difference in offers due to the level changes but we'll see.
So I think, unless something else catches my eye, I will be redeeming kickbucks for certificates.  Who doesn't like to eat right?

** See updated Shopkick kickbucks for April 2011 

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