Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Field Agent Update....of sorts

Driving home from a friends house about a half hour ago I checked (before pulling out of his driveway) the FieldAgent app.
There was a $4 "job" at "Wallyword" regarding whether or not their perfumes were under a locked display or not.
I had to pass.
The Wallyworlds from which to chose would be about 5 miles out of the way
in either direction, even though I was driving home.
Had they been listed earlier in the day I could have hit Wallyworld on the way home from work...grrrrr.....
The only rule I have is me not going out of my way to complete a "job".  I just can't justify the use of gas...for a $4 or $2.40 "job".
Had it been a $12 or $14 "job", I would have gone.
Come on FieldAgent......more jobs!!

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