Saturday, March 12, 2011

Secret FieldAgent job completed. I'm rich!!

We also signed up to be a Field Agent. Woohoo..shhhhhh.
The first "you can make money with your phone" app we looked at was FieldAgent.
The app looked "cute". It had good ratings and what the heck we thought.
The first thing which popped up was a short survey about a Taco making kit with pre-cooked meat.
Eh, OK, five minutes and I was able to accrue some "points" = CASH.
Looked again that evening (few nights ago) and saw an opportunity for either $12 or $14 some odd dollars..SWEET I thought,...and put the phone away....BAD move Robby!
The next time I picked up the phone the "job" was reserved and
unavailable to me. :( "pout"!
I looked into the same "job"-only like 60 miles away and it was looking at either a cold medicine or laundry detergent display at a Target....I PASS the Target near me, the one that was previously listed. DARN it!!
So, by this time I had FieldAgent frenzied blood in my veins just waiting to hop on the next great "job" willing to pay me say $12 for a minute stroll by at the nearest Target or WallyWorld.....tic toc...tic toc...
No "JOB".....tic toc....ok, I changed the zip and "job" search criteria for my work zip code...surely there are Targets and Wallyworlds there....tic toc....tic toc....
No "job" nothing....
"CRAP, crap crappity crap, the App stinks..The App is bogus I hate the app...." put the phone away..I go to work.
Before the drive home I check again....yeah, I'm still there, yeah, my oodles of CASH is a whopping $2.40 I think. I'll give it another few days.  I check "jobs".
BINGO. There's a "job" at a Costco...several of out of the way...Gasoline is tipping at #3.45/gallon so I am NOT GOING TO DRIVE OUT OF MY WAY for a little extra jingle or the thrill of my secret FieldAgent status.
There is a Costco on the way home, I don't even have to go off course. I can even get cheaper gas at that particular Costco.
The "job" - should I choose to accept into Costco (my words, not theirs)....slither up to the Electronics dept and look for a certain branded Internet phone...if it is not there, ask a Costco associate....whilst trying not to blow my cover (again, my words)......easy enough.
I clicked ACCEPT this job to take the job.  Now, I have to finish the task in less than two hours or y reputation decreases.  You know how important the field reputation is to a secret FeildAgent. I had to come through. I had to finish the job no matter how harrowing, how risky, how many 40 packs of paper towels might make their way into my cart.  Do I even take a cart?  You know what happens when you take a cart into Costco....products jump into said cart and you wind up blowing half of your paycheck...but hey, you won't run out of laundry detergent or Ketchup for at least six months.
So, wrangle myself a cart, actually had to go to the courtesy desk to get a temp card because I don't carry mine in my wallet(so I won't make those impromptu paycheck killing trips).  So, within my "I won't go out of my way for $2.40" rule, I had to wait five minutes and stand in line to get the stinking temp card....whatever...
Card in hand, beads of sweat....'cause I'm trying to be stealthy I circle the electronics department.
"I thought we were in a recession?" "I thought the prices of big screen TVs was coming down?"....nope.
I didn't see the Internet telephone apparatus.  I circled again.  Still no go.  "Do they know I'm here"?  "Have they nabbed AGENTS previously"?  "Am I a product stalker"?  Damn.  OK, I park myself near a sweet Nikon DSLR...."No"!   I move over to the jewelry display which actually shows really nice looking diamond jewelry..."at Costco"?.Who knew....
I see an older man with a vest and name badge.  I ask him where the Internet telephone was (as per directions in the "job" description.  He takes me right over to it and yes, I had passed it at least twice. 
Ok, so I was there, target in site. "Now what"?  I am to snap a picture of the display...."is that right"? I can't remember.  I take out the phone and of course sine I have it password locked I am fumbling with that....and pull up the "job" description again......Yes, snap a pic with as much of the display as possible showing the name of the Internt phone.  Snap, snap.  I take several photos until I liked one.  I send it off and the progression line is ticking away until it is COMPLETED.
Whew....Agent Robby - target apprehended-job complete.
Ok, it was not exciting at all but I was passing the warehouse club and needed frozen Buffalo wings anyway....
I currently have 88/100 "reputation" points.  You start with 85 points and accrue more with each "job" completed.  Have to be careful though, accepting a "job" then not completing it, will have a negative effect on your rep.  The higher rep, more "jobs" are supposed to show up.
Today, no "jobs" in either of my zip codes.
I'm "RICH" now.  $4.40. It's on now. I am ahead, all totaled in our little challenge.  I have about $56 for a few minutes "work".
There is no referral code, no gitch, so go download the app or visit the FieldAgent site.
I just looked now, and there are no new "jobs" for this secret FieldAgent tonight.  I'll look again tomorrow when I will be out and about anyway.

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