Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Secret FieldAgent woman......

Ok, so the Wallyworld "jobs" were still posted this morning.  Surely, I thought, by the time I got out of work they would be all gone.
They were all there. and I will actually pass TWO Wallyworlds on the way home....SWEET!
I pull into the first Wallyworld and choose the job.
I have to see if a certain category of product is under glass, locked up or not.  I also have to snap a photo.
Walk, walk walk...nope, not under glass.....I took a pic.
That was EASY.  I didn't have to go out of my way...I might be on the way to do another "job"...and I need milk anyhow.
I press Complete or Confirm (I forget which it was) and the progression line is
dancing across my iPhone's screen.....then a NOTICE....about me not being in the correct location and it would not count...blah blah...
"Uhm, Excuse me Mr. FieldAgent App but I most certainly AM at the correct location"!  I panic..."Come on now"...."this is crapola"!
I cancel the "job".  I exit the App....restart it and do not see the "job". "Holy Hell, I was right...the app stinks...."
I exited the app again and restart it.  I see the "job" AT the location I am standing and choose it again....Press Confirm or Complete and wait for the progression line to start moking me again.
I'm in line waiting to pay for my milk..I can't just turn around and do it again if it didn't work.....
Ok, Made $4.
Onto the next Wallyworld if it is still available.
Sure as heck it is and I do the whole process again sans milk purchase.
So, on my way home this secret FieldAgent made $8 and increased her FieldAgent "rep".....I didn't go out of my way and I spent about 15 minutes in total.  It is  alittle less than wat I make for 15 minutes of my time but hey, I'm not "working"...hehehe
So far this secret FieldAgent has accepted and completed 4 "jobs" and has earned $12.40 and has gained 90/100 rep points.
It's holding my interest.
Started out with a goal of earning $10/day....I have been challenged to try and earn $20/day by the end of the Summer.  We'll see. I love a challenge.
See where I am today (July 22, 2011) with FieldAgent ~ completed 7 FieldAgent jobs today

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