Saturday, March 12, 2011

WeReward. What we tried so far.

Signed up with WeReward via iOS app store. You'll need an  iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry smartphone.
WeReward is a wholly owned property of IZEA. Founded in 2006, IZEA is the world leader in Social Media Sponsorships (SMS). We pioneered the SMS space and continue to create innovative platforms like SocialSpark, Sponsored Tweets and WeReward to help our customers realize their marketing objectives. Each day IZEA facilitates tens of thousands of transactions between advertisers and social media publishers.
With WeReward there are Places, Product and Task rewards given for anything from snapping a photo with a particular product to answering
a question to downloading a new app.
Location rewards must be claimed while at the location itself (gps...spooky). Could be a movie theater, bar, or restaurant.
WeReward is linked to Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare allowing it's "oinkers" to share their finds and experiences.
Rewards are listed as points which can be redeemed for CASH via Paypal.
ex. 200 points = $2.
So far we have snapped a pic of us drinking Zico Coconut water(200), drinking a Diet Coke(12) and unwrapping a Little Debbie Cloud Cake(50).  None of these tasks required leaving the home.  Of the three tasks, two are pending, one has been approved.
Sign up and start making money today doing the things and using the products you do anyway.  Win, Win.

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