Friday, April 29, 2011

How I got $64.83 worth of goods for FREE from

I am an iHerb customer and in being that have a coupon code I can give to family, friends, co-workers or anyone. With that code you receive $5 off of your first order and then you also get your own iHerb coupon code that you can give out.  When someone uses your coupon code they will then get $5 off of their first order and you will receive 4% of their order subtotal.  When the people, who have used your code, give people their own code to receive $5 off the first order, you receive 3% of that order subtotal.  This process repeats itself two more times with 2% and 1%.  It adds up.
You can use your "rewards" in two ways.  You can use the rewards as credit (dollar for dollar) applied to your own orders or you can choose to have the rewards sent to you as cash.
You have to accumulate $300 before you can cash out.

You continue to earn the above rewards for 365 from their first order.  After that 365 day period, you will still earn 1% of any order they ever make.
The only downside so far that I can see is you have to use or cash out your rewards within 180 days.
There have been time periods where I did not reach $300 and I hadn't ordered anything and have lost the reward/credit.
I will not let that happen again.  If the rewards are not coming in, I will just apply my credit towards the many items I love from, Passion Tea. :)
In the spirit of not losing my iHerb rewards I ordered supplements I needed anyhow. Calcium tablets and EFA capsules and some other items and recieved them for FREE.

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