Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm RICH! $8 FieldAgent "JOB"

(summary of my FieldAgent jobs so far)
There haven't been a lot of jobs close by these last few days.
Also it had been a while since I saw a job for more than $6.
I checked ( I think) late Monday night for jobs I might like Wednesday.
There were a few for $8 and I believe I even saw one for $9 or $9.50.
Most of them were too far away per my rule ( to not drive out of my way).
There was one for an audit at Sears for $8.  If it was still available I would take it,
Yesterday afternoon rolled around and before I started to drive home I checked again.

It was still there.
I chose to complete the "mission".
Went to the Sears in North Brunswick looking for my target - the Outdoor living department.
Now this particular Sears is one of the smallest department stores I have ever seen.  I walked in passed the purple haired mannequins donning colorful summer tops.
I didn't see anything but clothing but I was rushed. I walked around to find a directory...nothing.
I took the escalator and again found nothing....I asked a clerk and she told me to go by the H&R Block section "over there" and there might be some outdoor furniture and she THOUGHT (uhm, didn't she work there??) there might be a bigger section upstairs.
I went "over there" and there were literally two patio furniture sets against a painted wall....
Nah, this could not have been what they consider a department...maybe it was where returned furniture went to die or wait to be adopted.
I went upstairs and walked around the entirety of the floor.  I saw a TV department and then washers and dryers.....and then I saw a Grill....Bingo.
Still small for a department but it would suffice.
The directions were for me to snap a photo of the Outdoor Living dept and then answer some questions.
This was, by far, the most frustrating of the jobs NOT because the task was difficult but uploading the "job" took about a half hour of trying.  It kept failing.
Anyway...all in all, $8 for maybe ten minutes of my time while on my way home.....OK in my book!

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