Saturday, April 2, 2011

Robbylikes REDBOX

After the snafu with signing up @redbox via the iPhone app, the experience was seamless.  Two movies, a buck each, that's SAVING MONEY!!
I still like the instant viewing available from Netflix (on TV thru the Wii or on the computer or iPhone) however they aren't first run movies.
If I nix the Netflix we can use that $9 to see nine movies a month.
I also don't have to wait in line(though sometimes there are one or two people ahead of me outside the kiosk).
The kiosk was easy to navigate.  I don't know if I could have
signed up/registered at the kiosk.  I didn't want to linger outside with my CC in hand.  I tried to register after downloading the Redbox iPhone app but couldn't scroll through the months to enter my cc expiration info.
Wish there was a list of favs or movies I'd like to see.  The interface is simple.  The movies are listed by date added(to their queue I suppose).  You choose which you want to reserve, check out and when you get to the kiosk you just enter your info and pick them up.
I haven't returned them yet, I hope I just have to slip them into the slot from which they came.
I already have a free rental from them.  So far, Redbox is a keeper.

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