Thursday, May 19, 2011

$28 made last night on a FieldAgent job bringing total to $81.90 while on vacation

Last nights FieldAgent job started off well then almost crashed and burned.
There had been for several hours, two FieldAgent jobs at Wallyworld. I chose them late at night and went off to execute the jobs.
Had to also make a purchase on this FieldAgent job but the jobs both paid an extra $5 to cover the cost of the item.
I had to buy the items taking a photo and answering questions per usual. I then was supposed to go home and take a picture of the items on my counter and on my table.
I went to finish the home portion of the jobs and it read EXPIRED and the app would not let me proceed. NOOOooooooo!!
I was soooo miffed. I mean I had been to Wallyworld and had no money on me and now I even charged the items!!!@%^@$%^$%&
I rebooted my iPhone - didn't work. I tried to select the jobs again...wouldn't work. I came home and my friend said write customer service this may have happened before.
I went BACK to Wallyworld and took the photos all over again. Came home again and I was able to execute the home portion of the job.
So, after a little frustration and a gallon of gas (grrrr) it is done and we all were able to go to the beach and get some color!!

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