Friday, May 6, 2011

How I got $41.29 worth of goods for $4.88 from iHerb

Today's order arrived from
In using my reward points before they expired (in lieu of waiting until they accumulated to $300- which they were nowhere near). I ordered things I liked, the kids liked and some promo material which was FREE.
Nubian Heritage soap..which smells YUMMY
... some Natural Dish Detergent pods and some Alpha Hydroxy lotion for my face..Oh, and the kids love TLC cookies from Kashi.
The whole haul was only $4.88.  The original order was over $40 so the shipping was FREE anyhow.
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about
Try it, with or without my coupon code KOB531. (Which will get you $5 off of your first order)
You have nothing to lose.

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