Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Made $12.50 on my way home executing FieldAgent "jobs"

Today there were two FieldAgent "jobs" in one Walmart which happens to be on the way home.  Per my rule, not driving out of my way due to the high price of gas, I clicked on them when I left work.
The two jobs were even in the same vicinity of the store.
One, had me looking for any endcap with cosmetics. ($8.50 job) I had to snap a picture showing the product and labeled price and upload it to FieldAgent. EASY!!
The second job was more or less the same but with a specific brand ($4.00 job). Again, EASY.
So, about 9 minutes of my time and $12.50 in my FieldAgent account, Robbylikes!

** I wanted to make $100 by the end of May.  I do not know if that is possible! More jobs FieldAgent!!

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