Saturday, June 4, 2011

Making more money at Growing ever so slowly.....over $10

GIVE your codes out people!!
If you have EVER ordered anything from you have your very own coupon code/referral code.
You need not do a THING except share the code with friends.  When they use your coupon code they will get $5 off of their FIRST order and recieve their own coupon code/referral code.  When they share the code, their friends will enjoy a $5 savings off of their FIRST order and your friend will earn 4% commission on the order placed (based on their order subtotal).  It doesn't end there!! Because your friends' friend used his/her code and your friend got their code by using YOUR code, you will also earn 3% on your friends friends' order (subtotal).  Have I confused you enough yet?

I didn't think so.
This wonderful little plan repeats itself two more 2% and 1% (friends 3 and 4).
All this happens without an ounce of sweat or hard work on your end.
You get the same earning structure for an entire year!  After the year you will still earn 1% on all orders for the life of the program.
from iHerb:
"365 day return
Any above referral who returns to iHerb making additional purchases within 365 days of their first order earns you the same reward % amount, based on that individuals level.
There's More!
All is not lost, because after every referrals 365 day window, you'll continue earning on ever single repeat purchase.
We call this "Endless Rewards" and this gives you the opportunity to earn 1% on every referral at any level (1+1+1+1)—for the Life of our program!"

Sweet deal any way you cut it.
The best part is, there are thousands of items to be bought from which cost LESS than $5.  So your friends are not out a DIME if they like.  You and they though, will find yourself going back to for many items.  I'm hooked now because of my Tazo Passion Tea.
So go ahead, use my code KOB531 if you wish to place your first order at and get $5 off!!  Get your own coupon code and run with it!!  Every little bit helps in these times. Enjoy!!

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