Friday, July 22, 2011

Made money today with FieldAgent! I'm RICH!!

Ok, so monetarily, I am OK...I'm RICH in
Seriously. It was so hot today that the beach plans were set aside. I saw a LOT of FieldAgent "jobs" which weren't the Sam's Club Credit Card audits (which I personally dislike) I was going to do two or three because they were close.
With the proliferation of drugstore chains I knew there would be a few from which to choose. Well, there were 8 within a ten mile radius...SHEESH!

First one was just up the road...BAM, done, EASY no problem.  Second one, BOOM, just as easy (with either the first or second the second item in the audit was not there....always makes me nervous about qualifying the job but as long as you read and follow the directions, all should be good).  The rest went fine, went in, knew exactly what I was looking for...snap snap...
Broke down and bought a Coke and Cracker Jax on the last trip.
7 FieldAgent jobs today!! ;) on TwitpicThe jobs are clearing: Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Roundtrip was less than 40 miles just around $5 in gas.
Robbylikes FieldAgent and the FieldAgent App!

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