Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FREE FREE FREE $15 iTunes card from Shopkick!!

I FINALLY earned enough Kicks (formerly, Kickbucks) from Shopkick to redeem for my $15 iTunes card!!
There are apps I like but will not pay for, I will with a FREE iTunes card.
I upgraded MapMyRun and my Words With Friends Apps.
This took a long time, much much longer than it did for me to earn the Restaurant.com certificates.
I was away twice during this earning cycle and wasn't able to click my way thru the stores as I do every morning while home.
I will not drive out of my way to do in store check ins and honestly forgot to check in the few times I was out at a particular store.
I'm striving for another FREE $15 iTunes card.  It costs 3750 kicks (formerly kickbucks). I hope this doesn't take more than a MONTH this time!!

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FREE $15 iTunes card from SHOPKICK

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Me choosing $15 iTunes card

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