Thursday, March 31, 2011

753 Shopkick kickbucks

Closing in on another reward from Shopkick.

With the number of kickbucks I have the Best Buy or Target gift cards would only be $5.
I think I will choose another certificate.  The first certificate we redeemed "cost" only 400 kickbucks.  It was a promotion.  We also hit a bit of a snare trying to utilize that certificate.  See my post
Now, the certificate is being offered for 875 kickbucks. Easy enough to gain with daily

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today's Secret FieldAgent "job"

Today's FieldAgent "job" consisted of Going into Costco and scoping out the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Creme Complex (whew, good thing you don't have to pay per word to use that product huh!?).  Note where it was in the store, snap a picture.
Easy and I picked up a Rotisserie Chicken and bananas.
Stayed true to my rule of not driving out of my way - which is why I haven't completed any "jobs" over the last few days.

So far: 5 "jobs" completed
           $16.40 earned
           91/100 "rep" points

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shopkick reward gift certificate

The second, or third, "reward" from Shopkick was a gift certificate for - a $25 one. SWEET! Or so I thought.
Found a neat little pub/restaurant on their site which was local and a place we haven't yet been.
Printed out per the directions. HA!
We arrived, ordered and told the waitress about the certificate. "No, we don't take them any longer".
Well, #$^@$%&^%...come on now.
OK, the meal was good.  At least it got us in the place.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shopkick today Earn kickbucks for rewards

Today's Shopkick experience:
I clicked around and popped the green kickbuck bubbles.
Apparerntly a "friend" or two has used my promo code and I got 50 kickbucks.
50+ more and I'm going to redeem for the card.
I wasn't at any stores yet to be able to "Check in" and collect big kickbucks.
There have been bonuses these last few days in honor of St Patty's Day.
Being at level 6 means nothing to me yet......or at least, not that I understand.

Secret FieldAgent woman......

Ok, so the Wallyworld "jobs" were still posted this morning.  Surely, I thought, by the time I got out of work they would be all gone.
They were all there. and I will actually pass TWO Wallyworlds on the way home....SWEET!
I pull into the first Wallyworld and choose the job.
I have to see if a certain category of product is under glass, locked up or not.  I also have to snap a photo.
Walk, walk walk...nope, not under glass.....I took a pic.
That was EASY.  I didn't have to go out of my way...I might be on the way to do another "job"...and I need milk anyhow.
I press Complete or Confirm (I forget which it was) and the progression line is

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Field Agent Update....of sorts

Driving home from a friends house about a half hour ago I checked (before pulling out of his driveway) the FieldAgent app.
There was a $4 "job" at "Wallyword" regarding whether or not their perfumes were under a locked display or not.
I had to pass.
The Wallyworlds from which to chose would be about 5 miles out of the way

Still no FieldAgent "jobs"

There are still no new Field Agent "jobs" in my home or work zip code.
I have been popping Kickbucks bubbles all day in the Shopkick app.
more later....

Monday, March 14, 2011


NoFieldAgent "jobs" in the last two days.
Rep 88/100
"jobs" accepted   - 2
"jobs" completed - 2
Earned $4.40

The App has lost its appeal so far.


Pop a few bubbles for kickbucks while drinking my morning coffee.
Kickbucks 189
Level 4
Had more kickucks but "donated" them
Haven't checked in to any locations yet but nothing was "on the way".
Tomorrow I am passing one of the stores and I'll check in
I'm in third place among my friends

Do you App?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

iPhone app List - by Type

Iphone App Name
Dragon Dictation
Field Agent
Genius Scan

iPhone App List Alphabetical

Iphone App Name
53 Languages Translation
Adobe Photoshop Express
AIM (free edition)
Social Networking Dinner spinner
Amazing Human Calculator FREE
Angry Birds Lite
Apple Store
Around Me

Saturday, March 12, 2011

ShopKick iPhone app Earn kickbucks for rewards

Use promo code gray5778 after downloading ShopKick on your iPhone for a 50 point BONUS.
Collect kickbucks and redeem them for rewards.  We've chosen gift cards, gift certificates and donations.

Secret FieldAgent job completed. I'm rich!!

We also signed up to be a Field Agent. Woohoo..shhhhhh.
The first "you can make money with your phone" app we looked at was FieldAgent.
The app looked "cute". It had good ratings and what the heck we thought.
The first thing which popped up was a short survey about a Taco making kit with pre-cooked meat.
Eh, OK, five minutes and I was able to accrue some "points" = CASH.
Looked again that evening (few nights ago) and saw an opportunity for either $12 or $14 some odd dollars..SWEET I thought,...and put the phone away....BAD move Robby!
The next time I picked up the phone the "job" was reserved and


Groupon. Join now.

Arrived too late for a great Groupon for $40 worth of groceries for $20 at Delicious ORchards in Colt's Neck, NJ.
Will be checking in more regularly to get a good deal!
Today's Deal:
Tre Bar in Princeton-

WeReward. What we tried so far.

Signed up with WeReward via iOS app store. You'll need an  iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry smartphone.
WeReward is a wholly owned property of IZEA. Founded in 2006, IZEA is the world leader in Social Media Sponsorships (SMS). We pioneered the SMS space and continue to create innovative platforms like SocialSpark, Sponsored Tweets and WeReward to help our customers realize their marketing objectives. Each day IZEA facilitates tens of thousands of transactions between advertisers and social media publishers.
With WeReward there are Places, Product and Task rewards given for anything from snapping a photo with a particular product to answering