Sunday, July 31, 2011 coupon code KOB531 as of July 31 2011

$26.36. OK, it's not nothing. Not a jackpot but it is all from the 4% I get back from people using my coupon code KOB531 to get $5 off of their first purchase from

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FREE FREE FREE $15 iTunes card from Shopkick!!

I FINALLY earned enough Kicks (formerly, Kickbucks) from Shopkick to redeem for my $15 iTunes card!!
There are apps I like but will not pay for, I will with a FREE iTunes card.
I upgraded MapMyRun and my Words With Friends Apps.
This took a long time, much much longer than it did for me to earn the certificates.
I was away twice during this earning cycle and wasn't able to click my way thru the stores as I do every morning while home.
I will not drive out of my way to do in store check ins and honestly forgot to check in the few times I was out at a particular store.
I'm striving for another FREE $15 iTunes card.  It costs 3750 kicks (formerly kickbucks). I hope this doesn't take more than a MONTH this time!!

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FREE $15 iTunes card from SHOPKICK

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Me choosing $15 iTunes card

iHerb coupon code KOB531 activity as of July 26 2011

KOB531 activity

KOB531 earnings

Friday, July 22, 2011

Made money today with FieldAgent! I'm RICH!!

Ok, so monetarily, I am OK...I'm RICH in
Seriously. It was so hot today that the beach plans were set aside. I saw a LOT of FieldAgent "jobs" which weren't the Sam's Club Credit Card audits (which I personally dislike) I was going to do two or three because they were close.
With the proliferation of drugstore chains I knew there would be a few from which to choose. Well, there were 8 within a ten mile radius...SHEESH!

Soo close to getting my iTunes card from Shopkick!!

Need 3750 Kickbucks from Shopkick to earn an iTunes gift card.
I have, as of this morning, 3727
It has been harder to earn Kickbucks these last few weeks.
We were away and when out of town, there seem to be fewer places to check in.
This is mainly due to at home check ins each morning vs, walking INTO the stores and haveing an automatic check in bonus of Kickbucks.
Soooo close to getting my iTunes gift card from Shopkick! on Twitpic

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FREE FREE FREE Tazo Passion Tea!! at Use coupon code KOB531

Tazo Teas now available at
BACK IN STOCK!!! WHEW! Tazo Passion Tea is at iHerb!
Use coupon code KOB531 or UHU120 for $5 off of your first order at and the tea, is FREE!
Read here about how you can get FREE merchandise from by simply passing your own coupon code out to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making Money with FINALLY! Inching upward!

Making Money with coupon code KOB531
People are starting to use the iHerb coupon code KOB531 again.  It has slowed down since the Spring.
Use the coupon code KOB531 on your FIRST order from and get $5 off of your order!
There are thousands of items priced at or BELOW $5 so you can try and not spend a lot of money!  Vitamins, beauty products, even dishwashing geltabs are available.  No risk. GREAT products!

Checking your coupon codes activity is easy.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Making money with! As of July 10th 2011

It is up to over $16 again, FINALLY.
It has been a while since anyone used my iHerb coupon code.
Still pretty cool.
Go ahead and click, buy something, anything even a $5 item which will be FREE if it is your first order with (having used my coupon code).
You then get your own code to give out to friends ....rinse and repeat.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making money with

Remember, there is no "Multi Level Marketing" component to making money with

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this another MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program?

Good question. It might look that way, but our program has many fundamental differences:

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