Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Uhm, FieldAgent error

Last night was out and about and had seen a FieldAgent "job" about 8 miles away.
I passed by on my way home and was surprised to find that the Costco job was IMPOSSIBLE to complete.
Although the job was listed as a Costco audit along with its address, the building (Costco as we all know it) does not exist.
What is there?
A corporate park with a few dozen semi trucks parked along side.
It must be a fulfillment center or distribution point.
After I had to cancel the job my Field Agent status points went down. :( Bummer!
I wrote Field Agent support to make them aware of the obvious error.
Hopefully they will see it my way, take the job down, and reinstate my status point.


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Making money with FieldAgent!! on Twitpic

Making money with FieldAgent!! on Twitpic

Monday, September 12, 2011

Making more money with

It has been a slow month but finally a few people have seen what a great site is.
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Coming back from vaca and decided that I should let Field Agent fill up my gas tank!! ....well, almost....

Cashed out @ $50 and my YTD total is $193.70.

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Made money with FieldAgent while being in, near the store anyway.
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