Thursday, January 26, 2012

Passive or near passive income earned with coupon code KOB531

Nearly every day, without me doing a THING, income in coming in from my coupon code KOB531.
A few years ago I needed or wanted either a new nice smelling natural soap, or a vitamin supplement of some kind-I actually cannot remember what item it was I bought.  As I'm typing I think it was a Blender Bottle to make, store and carry protein shakes.
Yes, that was it.  The least expensive one they had there was smaller in size, branded with some health food company logo so I ordered it. ( I see one now for $6.79, still a great bargain if you use coupon code KOB531 to get $5 off of your first order from, making your Blender Bottle only $1.79)
What came was the Blender  Bottle and some literature about a sample, Midori Greens, if I remember correctly.
I'm very wary of companies who are unknown to me - on the internet.
I was very pleased with the shipping time and cost! My first order was actually FREE!
See here-my first order in 2009.  I used a coupon code which gave me $5 off of my first order with  My Blender Bottle was on sale for $4.83.  It was basically FREE!.  It did cost me $2 to have it shipped but hey, I got the Blender Bottle I wanted, in my hands for less than the price of a cup of coffee at the local froo froo coffee shop. I was happy.  {Free shipping then, in 2009, I think was for any orders over $40. Now, from the main page it reads FREE SHIPPING for U.S. orders over $20 - AWESOME.  Using the coupon code gets you $5 off of your first order.  You could do what I did and order something less than $5 and pay the shipping or you could shop around for items totaling $20, receive the $5 off of your first order with coupon code KOB531 and get your items delivered FREE(in the US) for 25% off- WIN also get your OWN coupon code to give to your friends, family, blog readers etc and start to enjoy the easiest passive income I have ever seen}
I went to the website reading something about making money with coupon code.
Sure, of course you can make money on the internet! HA, no way I am going to fall for that.  No way.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pending coupon code KOB531 income

Pending coupon code KOB531
Making money with is so easy.
Use coupon code KOB531 and get $5 off
of your first order at  You will
receive your own coupon code.
Give the code to your friends and family to use.
When they do, they will receive $5 off of
their first order at and you will
receive 4% of their order total.  SWEET!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Robby Likes Nailtiques

I really like this nail formulation.  It makes the nails grow like weeds, stay strong and look nice.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Robbylikes the Wonderful Days iPhone App

This is a wonderful little daily journal iPhone app.
Had been looking for one for a while and always found something lacking.
So far, this app is working very nicely.
You can add photos, text, set the mood, location and even change themes.

Add photos on TwitpicCalendar view on Twitpic
Change the theme on Twitpic
Change the font. Add a frame. on Twitpic
Set the mood, location and theme on Twitpic