Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FREE over $140 worth of goods from iHerb.com for less than $10 using coupon code KOB531

The order arrived!
It was so nice to see an over 19 pound box come from iHerb.com.
It was shipped FREE (free shipping for orders over $20 in the US) and was essentially FREE.
I used my rewards from my iHerb.com coupon code KOB531.
My rewards were not over $300 so instead of cashing out (you cash out at $300), I used the credit for the products I needed and wanted to try.
My order can be seen here. I only had to spend $7 and change for an over $140 order.
Robbylikes iherb.com!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

$143 worth of goods from iHerb.com for only $7

From the money I have earned with my iHerb.com coupon code KOB531, I got over $143 worth of goods for only $7!

iHerb.com coupon code KOB531 earned $100 BONUS!!

I doubled my ranking in January compared to December and earned $100 BONUS from iHerb.com
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