Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Robbylikes PB2 More peanutty goodness! Only $0.31!

Mix this in brownie mix, pancakes, protein drink etc.
Tastes GREAT and contains only roasted PEANUTS, sugar and salt!
85% LESS calories than traditional peanut butter with ALL of the flavor!

iHerb is selling PB2 for $5.31.
That's an already GREAT price but if you are a FIRST time customer at iHerb and place your order using coupon code KOB531 you will get $5 off (your first order) making this PB2 only $0.31! THIRTY ONE CENTS!

iHerb also offers FREE shipping - within the US- on orders over $40.


RobbyLikes Peanut Butter & Co., Mighty Maple for $.45!

What's better than PEANUT BUTTER? Hmm, hard to say.
I've loved peanut butter my whole life.
While we were a Skippy and Jiff household, Goober Grape snuck in every once in a while.
Was gifted a basket of Peanut Butter goodness a few years ago.
It was from Peanut Butter & Co..  It was so good.  The depth of flavor shone far above anything in the cupboard.
I've seen it online (they have a website), and in the grocery store.  Too expensive.
I've seen it at iHerb and yep, it'll be on my next order [along with other PB goodies].
iHerb has it available at a discounted price of $5.45 but if you're new to iHerb, placing your FIRST order using coupon code KOB531 {which gets you $5 OFF}, the Peanut Butter and Co. peanut butter is essentially $0.45!
What's not to love about $0.45 gourmet peanut butter!
I'm going to try this Maple Syrup blend.

Monday, May 26, 2014

iHerb deals! Robbylikes deals!

Some of the FANTASTIC items I buy from iHerb.
Use coupon code KOB531 today to get $5 off of your FIRST order or $10 off of your FIRST order of $40 or more.
I buy organic coconut oil on a monthly basis.  BTW, I get my coconut oil FREE by using my iherb REWARDS!**  I LOVE both the NowFoods & Nutiva brands.  iHerb has the best prices I've see.  FREE shipping on US orders over $20!

 Other brands I use and buy from iHerb are:
Solgar, Powerbar, Sundesa (blenderbottles), Optimum Nutrition, KissMyFace, Aveeno, Avalon Organics, Bag Balm, Basis, Physicians Formula, Quest Nutriton (GREAT protein bars) etc.  Too many to list.
** ask me how to get your iHerb purchases for FREE!!